"I wanted to find out in what way the specialness of my experience could be made to connect me with other people instead of dividing me from them." 

James Baldwin, The Discovery of What It Means to Be An American, 1959


NEIGHBORS is dynamic, interactive workshop which synthesizes Joachim Prinz:  I Shall Not Be Silent and social justice education. The workshop is available to groups of adults and students in grades 7-12.

Each workshop begins with a screening of Joachim Prinz: I Shall Not Be Silent and utilizes Rabbi Prinz’s story as the basis for discussion. Participants explore the development of Rabbi Prinz’s complex social identity as depicted in the documentary. Then, participants are lead through a social identity education process to identify and explore each of their own multiple social identities (also called intersectionality). The group then begins to consider how each individual can work for social justice as an ally, inspired by the example of Rabbi Prinz.

R Squared Productions developed the workshop in collaboration with Dr. Khyati Joshi, an expert on social justice education and Professor of Education at Fairleigh Dickinson University. 

We offer the workshop with groups in schools, non-profit organizations and workplaces. The workshop is designed for flexibility to fit different schedules and budgets. To inquire about NEIGHBORS, please complete the contact form on this website.

Neighbor is not a geographic term. It is a moral concept.
— Joachim Prinz, The Issue is Silence, 1963